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Big Ol’ Bag O’ Boogaloo Vol. 2 (LP)


Big Ol Bag O Boogaloo Vol 2 LP is a part of Big Ol’ Bag O’ Boogaloo series on ¡Andale! Records. This is a Latin music vinyl compilation from the 1960’s.


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Big Ol Bag O Boogaloo Vol 2 Track-listing:

A1Latin Blues Band – Take A Trip
A2Orquesta Olivieri – African Guajira
A3Frankie Nieves – The Four Corners
A4Pijuan Y Su Sexteto – Shake It Don’t Break It
A5Milton Zapata – Sweet Soul Music
B1Dave Cortez & The Moon People – Fishin’ With Sid
B2The Moon People – Indian Soul
B3The Real Thing – Heavy Together
B4Willy Baby – Hot Buns
B5Tony Middleton – Spanish Maiden
B6Joe Pappy & His Combo – Oye Tomasito
Big Ol Bag O Boogaloo Vol 2 LP vinyl is a mixture of Soul Afro Cuban Jazz rarities back to the 1960’s.
Boogaloo is a Latin music genre from New York City in the 1960’s. Fusion of different music styles like Soul, African American R&B and Mambo giving birth to Funk music and Hip Hop.
Andale Records, a sublabel of Tuff City Records. 
Big Ol Bag O Boogaloo Vol 2 Latin/Funky/Soul compilation features music groups like ‘The Moon People’ (Los Astronautas) from New York, ‘The Real Thing’ from Liverpool or Puerto Rican Salsa musician ‘Pedro Juan Piñero González’ from Pijuan Y Su Sexteto.
Joe Pappy & His Combo – ‘Oye Tomasito‘ track released in 1967 on Topstar Records.
‘Spanish Maiden’ from Tony Middleton was released in 1968 on Speed Records.

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